Diversity and Inclusion

How and why Tide is building a diverse and inclusive team.

We’re committed to making sure diversity and inclusivity is always at the heart of our company mindset, by building a workplace where every employee feels valued as an equal.

It’s an ongoing initiative that we’re regularly tracking, reassessing, and developing. Here’s an overview of how we’re doing so far, and what we’re doing to be better.

Overall diversity: how are we doing?

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Mixed Ethnicity





This data acknowledges female and male gender categories to align with regulated reporting standards. We wholly respect that gender is not binary, these reports don't represent our position on the spectrum of gender identities in any way.

We’ll publish our diversity figures annually.

What are we doing to improve diversity?

We’ve signed the Women in Finance Charter

As a signatory of the Women in Finance Charter, we’ve committed to publishing the percentage of senior leadership positions held by women, setting ourselves a target to improve this, and reporting on our progress towards that target.

  • Currently 19% of senior positions, at VP level or above, are held by women. This is a 2% improvement on our 2019 figures.
  • Our target is for 40% female representation in senior positions by 2023.

Read more about the Women in Finance Charter

Vetting our hiring processes

We’re reviewing our entire internal hiring process, and working with our recruitment partners to be sure we’re always seeing the most diverse possible pool of candidates for any given role.

Family friendly benefits

Enhanced maternity and paternity leave across both offices, and a flexible working policy is available.

All inclusive social diversity celebrations

Diversity is celebrated throughout Tide, with ongoing initiatives to ensure that every employee feels their culture, spirituality, and individuality is celebrated equally, and that they’re afforded the same opportunities as their peers.

Supporting diversity outside of Tide

As well as ensuring we have a diverse workplace, Tide is dedicated to doing what we can to ensure the wider SME world is a diverse place as well. In April 2019, we committed to supporting 100,000 women in starting their own business.